1. XXI Choral International Festival of Medellín "Jose Maria Bravo Marquez" - 2022 is a non-competitive gathering and is opened to choirs of all categories and from different countries. Its main goal is to share experiences, repertoires and artistic results, thus contributing to the strengthening of choral activity

2. The 20th version of the Choral Festival of Medellin “Jose Maria Bravo Marquez” will take place between the 7th and 11th September 2022, in Medellin and in the Antioquia’s municipalities.

3. The concerts are free and intended for all audiences.


1. In order to participate, the choirs must submit applications to the Festival before april 5th, 2022 (email) with the following information:
• Formal request letter.
• Current curriculum of the Conductor.
• Current curriculum of the choir. (with number of members).
• Usual repertoire of the choir.
• 2 songs of its repertoire recorded in mp3 format.
• 2 recent video (AVI format or in YouTube with good definition).


1. The festival dates are: Start: 7th July at 4:00 hrs. p.m. End: 11th July at 6:00 hrs. p.m.

2. The repertory can be freely chosen

3. In the Closing Gala will participate, for 15 minutes, choirs selected by the Evaluation Committee. appointed, performing works of free choice (maximum 15 minutes).

4. The participant choirs will receive the program of its activities since the moment of its accreditation to the Festival.

5. Choirs will allow their concerts to be recorded and / or transmitted by radio or TV. In addition, they decline to be concepts of law values and image interpretation.

6. All members of the participating choirs must adhere to the conditions established by the Organizing Committee regarding the program, transportation, schedules, food and accommodation. The Committee can make and report relevant changes if unforeseen circumstances happen.

7. Choirs may not participate in activities outside the established program, unless they are expressly authorized by the Organizing Committee.

8. Any expenses not mentioned in this document will be responsibility of the choirs or their members.

9. For any other unforeseen situations, the Organizing Committee will be available to help the choir to find the best solution.

10. Participants are advised to take precautions to prevent loss of valuables. The Organizing Committee will not be responsible if such facts occur.

11. Insurance. Foreign choir members will travel with accident insurance and medical care. Choirs are encouraged to make individual insurance. The Festival will not be liable for any accidents or diseases.


1. The choirs will be staying, exclusively, in the hotels set by the festival, in double, triple or quadruple rooms.

2. Choir conductors are entitled to stay in single rooms.

3. If another participant would like to stay in a single or double room, shall pay the difference established by the hotel management.

4. The food will be provided in the places indicated by the Festival and on his behalf. In case of anyone not consuming food, shall inform and no money will be refunded.

5. The organization will cover lodging, meals and transfer of domestic and foreign choirs in the city, for a maximum of 20 members per delegation, plus the conductor (21 people). The Festival will cover from dinner on September 6 to breakfast on September 12, 2022. The choirs that exceed this number, shall pay 50 dollars per day per person.

6. The transfer of the participating groups and their conductors from their city to the host city of the Festival, and their respective return, will be the responsibility of each choir.

7. Choirs from abroad or from other cities in Colombia, will have transportation from the airport to the city and vice versa, at no cost. At the airport will be received by an assistant who will accompany the choir to the host city.

8. Any movement motivated by the realization of the concerts scheduled, will be covered by the Festival.

Note: The costs of social events and tourism will be borne covered by each choir.


For effective communication, please contact:
- Jorge Hernán Arango García: festivalcoral.medellin@gmail.com, corojorge@gmail.com